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Welcome to my personal website! My name is Atul Mohite and I am the author of four books which are all available on various platforms. They are named as Lucid Dream, Of Two Minds, Jean Angel and Lucid Dream- The Journey Resumes. My books cover various genres and often address complex themes involving psychology, romance and adventure. Keep in touch and stay updated with my upcoming releases!

Professionally, I am a banker and I work as an officer in Bank of India.

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Book for Mind and Soul.

Fifteen year old Jean was born in Zeasia but brought up in Kala Nagari, which is across the other end of the river. The reason for he not being raised in the kingdom where he was born is the fact that he was born out of an extramarital affair of Queen Tara with Shyam, who receives a tortured death as the king returns from his travelling. The Queen then decides to run away as the king begins to harass her for what she had done. She reaches Kala Nagari, where she lives with Radha who earns her living through providing service to the travellers. There, lives another traveller named Jean, raised as Radha’s son! Unaware of his origins, Jean struggles through school & becomes a misfit immediately as he goes through strange dreams & hallucinations of a person that he calls Angel. He stops going to school, soon enough, & takes all his training from Angel that includes physical training & controlling his emotions through meditation. The hallucination can be due to his excessive reading he does for understanding his personality, but he is too young to realize that. He carries a birth scar of ‘J’ on his chest that he is supposed to hide from others since it might look strange to the others. While the scar, is why he receives the name ‘Jean’ meaning the God is gracious. At Zeasia, King Robert continues to kill those suffering with mental illness since he believes in a prophecy that his kingdom will be finished by ‘someone who could see things that others cannot!’ Clearly, Jean qualifies as one such person. Will he bring the mighty king down fulfilling the prophecy?

Atul Mohite's Jean Angel

Atul Mohite's Jean Angel

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Atul Mohite's

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The first book is always special for any author be it a success or not. It kind of opens the gates, right? The idea of Lucid Dream came to me when I was as young as seventeen. The book describes my life as a teenager when I dreamt of becoming an author one day. The book can be considered as an attempt towards self-discovery since I was never sure whether whatever I am writing will ever be read, least by strangers who often send me the words of appreciation giving me an overwhelming emotional experience of fulfillment and joy.

Jean Angel on the other hand is something entirely different yet close to my heart equally. I’m glad that it’s been doing really well in a country where romance novels still rule out action, adventure, fantasy or any other genre for that matter. Jean Angel comes under YA adventure and fantasy genre which was entirely a different experience for me because it requires a certain level of imagination and a strong motive. While I can’t give much about the book right now since it will spoil the readers’ experience of reading it;all I can say is that I will be more than happy if it helps someone tackle the growing psychological challenges faced by teens and new adults in everyday life.


Every story is great if it is written with a good intention and with all of one’s heart. Technically speaking, characters and an engaging plot can contribute the most.


“Writing skill and compilation of thoughts of author are really commendable as while reading this novel I couldn’t find the absence of main characters Atul and Naina which forced me to read this book in one go. I really felt very emotional at the last meet of Atul and Naina immediate after the book launch which was never expected as the story was going on. After the Naina’s meet, the author definitely would have a breath of great success. Hats off dear Atul Sir.

Arjun Khavare

“Author did a great job keeping me hooked through the book. It does a decent job giving an insight in a life of a bi-polar mind, Specially the vagaries in a short span.

Jonathan Alvarez

“Beautiful story and lovely characters. Lucid Dream was a fresh, light, yet an inspiring read.

Suma Navalgund

“Writer kept the story on the right way all the time. Short but great love story!
Best luck Atul !

Vivekanand Chougale

Reading is an act of civilization; it’s one of the greatest acts of civilization because it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities.

– Ben Okri

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